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I. The Occurrence of Printing Electrostatic
(1) Technological elements: Although the types of printers, the ways of embossing and the plates are different, technological elements are the common causes of static electricity.
Kneading and conflict electrification are well known that conflict can electrify. On relief printing presses, such as two-inversion and one-inversion, paper rotates with the cylinder, and the printing plate and platen move back and forth, depending on the pressure of the cylinder when it touches the printing plate.
Paper is strongly kneaded by plate and drum, the machine works at high speed, plate and ink have a violent conflict; brush in order to remove the dust on the paper Egyptian impurities, so that paper close to the surface of the drum, but also conflict with the paper, so a lot of static electricity has occurred.

Touch and peel the electricity.
In printing, paper and paper tape, guide wheel and ink are touched and separated agilely, especially when paper is bitten by paper teeth and wrapped around the outer surface of the drum. After printing, the paper is quickly peeled off from the outside of the drum, which is lined with rubber cloth, cotton cloth, kraft paper and so on. Therefore, static electricity will occur on the printed paper and the drum liner.
The influence of machine speed on electrostatic generation.

When the printing press works at a high speed, the conflict between paper and ink speeds up, and static electricity is added.


Equipment and raw data elements:
The non-metallic parts of the printing press are in conflict with each other, and the external resistance is very high. The electrostatic charge can not be discharged quickly. Some printing papers have been found to be electrostatic in the process of papermaking.
Some paper and wrapping lining are rough and sticky with dirt. They are easy to generate static electricity, which brings difficulties to the later process.
(2) Environmental factors:
The air temperature and humidity in the printing workshop have obvious influence on the occurrence of printing static electricity. When the temperature rises, the number of charged particles occurs when the printing press parts and data are kneading each other, which makes the body and data charged. The higher the temperature, the more charged storage. Humidity and temperature affect each other. The air becomes dry when the temperature rises, the humidity of space decreases accordingly, the movement of charged particles accelerates and increases accordingly, and the electricity is stored more.
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