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The premise that album printing can be carried out is that the design scheme of album needs to meet the requirements of customers, but also can achieve a bright design effect, which is a very distressing problem for many designers. The reasonable application of design principles can effectively achieve the effect of album design.

First, it's essential to be clear-cut. Literators or directors have hundreds of thousands of words or 120 minutes to tell stories. The brochure has only a limited number of words and pages to tell stories. Therefore, creative people should be accustomed to focusing on the key way of thinking, and grasp the key to make a big article.


2. Seek the right idea first, and then try to find the right one. The brilliant creative idea is eye-catching and impressive, but the right demand will change people's attitude and affect people's behavior. For example, when doing clothing album printing, the smart model should use body language to show the designer's meticulous production as far as possible, but must not hide his brilliant conditions. The elegance of clothing, otherwise it is easy to attract the reader's attention to the model's body and forget that clothing is the real protagonist, no matter how good creativity can not effectively convey information, it is against the professional spirit.
三、要合乎基本逻辑.曾经有一个眼镜店的海报,画面用插画的形式呈现一个青色的瓜果,标题写到 "这是XIGUA or QINGGUA ?"副标题是"如果你分不出来,表示你该换眼镜了".其实这个广告很有想法但是对消费者而言,分不清是什么瓜果,不一定与眼镜度数不足有关系.违反了基本逻辑的想法除非是刻意的表现手法,一定要细心检视,以免影响广告的说服力.
There was a poster in a spectacle shop with an illustration of a green fruit. The headline said, "This is XIGUA or QINGGUA?" The subtitle was, "If you can't tell, you should change your glasses." Actually, the advertisement was very thoughtful, but for consumers, you can't tell what the fruit is, No. It must have something to do with the inadequacy of eyeglasses. Unless it is a deliberate way of expressing oneself, one must examine it carefully so as not to interfere with the persuasiveness of the advertisement.
Fourth, the purpose and theme of the album must be firmly locked. No matter what kind of album creativity, it must be reader-oriented. The album is designed for readers to see, to achieve a certain goal, to promote market operation, neither to please the evaluation of advertising awards, nor to let others collect, not to make the creator complacent. Creative people need to have a very deep understanding of the mentality of the target audience. Creativity is easy to resonate.
Fifth, to be creative and visual. A copywriter was instructed to Title The pages of the album that clients had passed. The picture was a car that seemed to be moving at high speed with light and shadows. He thought for a long time, without proper expression, and reluctantly used "leave everything far behind" to express the accelerating characteristics of the car. The overall feeling is that the title and the picture still do not match, there is no vitality. So it is a good idea to be able to achieve very clever literal and visual creativity.
6. Be simple and clear. A client's reading of a brochure is a means, not an end, and serves as a reference for cooperative decision-making. Moreover, in most cases, the reader passively accepts the information conveyed on the brochure, and the more easily the information absorbed by the perceptual organs, the easier it is to intrude into his subconscious. Analytical skills, especially high-level decision-makers, do not have much time to think about these ideas. Therefore, creativity should be simple and easy to associate.
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